Monday, August 24, 2009

Well it was inevitable. I hurt myself. SOMEHOW I have sprained my thumb/hand and it hurts like hell. When I couldn't open my "Pub Mix" snack jar this morning, I roamed the halls at work looking for a big strong man to help me. Found one! I'm sure I looked like a full-on retard carrying around the huge tube I bought from Costco - although that is nothing new for anyone here that knows me. I'm happy now. I had my protein shake on the way to work, and now I have my pretzel/rice cracker/etc. mix and beef jerky handy with my gallon of water so I don't inadvertantly pig out on cookies/donuts/potato chips and what-not.

It is upper-body day at the gym, but with my injury I may have to switch to lower-body, and just do kicks tonight instead of punches.

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