Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well, I could sit here and whine and complain about how I can't walk, or sit down, or move in general, but nah. You guys are constantly hearing me complain, so I won't tell you about my ab pain from crunches, or about how when I move my arms I wince, or about falling onto the surface I am about to sit on because my quad muscles fail. I really want to put on Ben Gay, but I hate the smell and you CANNOT get it off of you! I refuse to go to work like that. Gotta smell pretty at work. Gotta smell pretty all the time. Note to self: Throw Ben Gay out.

Work is work, sleep is sleep and pain is pain. That's it. I have a friend coming to visit for a week next Friday, so that will be great fun, but until then it's all about getting an iron-ass. It better be worth it. I'm just sayin'.

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