Sunday, August 23, 2009

Making eggs benedict.

First of all, it's a cinch. I made myself some this morning - I have to eat breakfast now to rev up my metabolism. Yeah I know its not eggwhites and broccoli, but I have to eat TASTY food or there is no point in living. Balance. It is all about balance.

First, boil your eggs in this little contraption. (I'm super technical). Then, toast your english muffins and warm up some Canadian bacon. Make your hollandaise sauce (from package - or scratch) then pop the eggs on the muffins, pour the sauce over top and finish with a little paprika and parsely. NUMMERS! I also had this little natural fruit drink thingee.

Now I'm going to go kickbox.


Kim said...

I seriously need to make that soon. I have seen your eggs benedict pics before and I know you have made your own homemade hollindaise sauce, have you ever tried the packaged kind? I am not such of a good cook to try those things yet out yet :)

Cheryl said...

oh yeah I've the packaged kind. Homemade is always better of course, you should try it, it is sooo easy!

Kim said...

OK I am sold then:) Next weekend it is. The homemade stuff was too intimidating for me but if you say the packet is OK I trust you. I drool over these pictures, lol. I hope you kicked "butt" at boxing today, try not to screw up the nails though..

Cheryl said...

Let me know how it turns out!