Tuesday, August 25, 2009


You all know I'm a little different, right? Well, I now have some of my favorite horror film movie posters framed and hung in my hallway. Still need The Exorcist and Texas Chainsaw Massacre the original. My decorating is a bit eclectic. I have the 'Tuscany' theme in the kitchen almost done except I want stainless steel appliances, and next is the bedroom. Don't know what I'm doing in there yet. I have my red sheets/duvee, but not sure about the rest. I am also searching for the perfect sectional w/leopard pillows. (I posted a pic earlier in the month I think). Then of course I'll need a 50 inch plasma on the wall to complete my media room. I want to get rid of the furniture in there and have it be all couch/TV. Shit, I need a raise. Maybe I'll get that Supervisor promotion...need, need, I NEED!

I'm not all that "girly" with my decorating am I? LOL

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