Monday, June 08, 2009

This is the last foot pic I swear. I don't know why I take them, feet are icky. I don't like my body, so you get feet, face, hands and an occasional chest shot. I have to be careful with those though, don't wanna go porn on you. Hehe.

I'm finally in vacation mode. I've been camped out on patio furniture for several hours now reading and soaking in the overcast sun. (Which means I will probably burn into oblivion.) I am reading the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (True Blood) for fun since the season is starting back up on Sunday. I'm tired of reading 'The Stock Market for Dummies' at the moment. LOL.

We're not doing margaritas this trip because my mom is on medication and I don't care to drink alone. A nice iced tea by the pool is good too.

Oh yeah, my road stories. First, I got a mosquito bite or something on my foot while I was driving and I was trying to scratch it with my sandal. I ripped a bunch of skin off. We pulled over and my mom attempted to apply first aid and I swear to God she may as well have poured rubbing alcohol on my open flesh because I went through the roof. I may have said motherfucker a time or two or 40 in very inventive sentences parked in front of an AM/PM Mini Mart at 2 am in nowhere California. I don't remember. So that was nice. BTW, I have a really high pain tolerance (HA) - but I'll save THAT story for another time. Maybe.

Second, my mom tried to kill me AGAIN. She is sadistic, that one. We were leaving a friend's house and I accidentally left the back car door slightly ajar, so it started beeping. My mom got out to shut it, then we took off again. She said something about 'checking my door', and I thought she meant open and close my side to make sure it wasn't ajar also. That is not what she meant. As soon as I opened it, she took a sharp left and I went flying along with door almost diving into the pavement head first. I screamed. LOUD. Then we laughed for a half an hour.

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