Sunday, June 21, 2009

It is late June. I am freezing. I am wearing a coat because I am freezing. It is now in the 80's in Cali. Life is not fair. At all.


Daedak said...

It always seems to work that way, go to the coast, it rains. At home the weather improves. Return home, it rains at home, but the coast clears up and you go to the store to buy an umbrella. You notice the person behind you in line at the checkout who only came in to buy a pack of gum, so you let them go ahead of you in line and they win a $1000 gift card for being the umpteenth customer, and they are excited to win the card, but do not even bother to turn and thank you. Go figure. I think some of us are all related to Mr. Murphy.

Anonymous said...

You're freezing and it's in the 80's?


Cheryl said...

Hey Dete! Howz it going??

No, the weather sucked while I was in Cali and it was nice at home, then I come home and its cold and rainy and Cali gets nice. Figures. You need to pay attention. ;-)