Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm stressed to the max. My engine light came on, Maggie has a growing lump on her head, work is nuts and Louie's behavior is out of control. Don't know what to do anymore. Craziness abounds.

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Daedak said...

My brother always had this suggestion. He was convinced that it would fix ANY problem. "BLACK TAPE".

Okay... how would black tape fix your problems? Engine Light... obvious.. Black tape to cover it. FIXED. Louie's behavior... black tape as mechanical restraint? Should work. FIXED... (no, but should be fun to watch!) WOrk? Oh yeah... the possibility for pranks with black tape are endless... (Note... have your letters of reference signed by supervisor beforehand.) Maggies lump.. don't think black tape will help there. How about prayers?

You and maggie have those.