Monday, June 29, 2009

About a year ago, I wondered where my life would be now. Well, truly, a lot has changed. Most for the good, I guess. Everything is so different, but I'm trying to see it as positive. Like I said earlier, I'm still struggling with a few things - but I'm definitely keeping busy with my new job and little projects I have going on at home. (When I'm not sleeping.) I am also still struggling with my stupid weight. It has become more about health lately than vanity, although I would like to look and feel sexier and stronger. Most of the time I feel like an big oaf and I hate taking pills. I haven't been able to join the boxing club like I had hoped due to my crazy work schedule - but I do have a video at home. SHUT. UP. But yes, you would laugh your ass off if you watched me try to do it. I close all the windows and drapes. Sometimes the dogs bark at me. Sometimes I fall. (One con about getting ceramic flooring, LOL.)

Anyway, nothing much else going on. Gotta work now. I'll write later. I'm feeling chatty.

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