Sunday, May 24, 2009

So I went to all my blog favs today hoping to catch up with my peeps since I haven't been able to in awhile because of work, and so many of you are gone!! Wha happen?? I had to delete 6 broken links! Did you all delete your blogs?? I'm sad. If you have just moved let me know!

Then, I realized I hadn't "upgraded" my blog template in eons because I'm too afraid I'll lose all my archives and settings. I need some html help. I want a new look, but I want to save my archives. I won't be able to remember my life if they get deleted. Seriously, I have quite a history here, but I'm sick of the design.

I worked almost 60 hours in 5 days last week, so I spent ALL of yesterday sleeping. Today, I'm going to bbq some kabobs and my mom is coming up. It is sunny and nice so we are going to enjoy the sun. If I can get off of the internet I miss so much...

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Whiney Momma said...

I know...I was thinking the same thing. I just removed Four leaf clover because she has decided to shut down her sad.