Sunday, May 03, 2009

I'm in a funk today. Sometimes I don't get over things easily. I carry my heart on my sleeve and it always gets bruised and battered. I need to just get rid of the stupid thing altogether and become a cold, mean bee-yotch, right? Can't touch this! Yeah, right. I don't know what I expect. Some of my friends have stopped blogging, some have changed their email, some have just left the building. Life can be cold and distant.

Work is super busy. It has taken over my life. Just what I wanted, to be a workaholic. They pay me well, and I can't complain because so many I know are unemployed. I should just shut the fuck up I guess.

I may be taking a short trip to Cali in June. If I can get off work.


Daedak said...

Not everyone has left the building. Some are still trapped in their cubicles. I have not had time to blog, but I do still try to keep up. Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Ann(ie) said...

The Cali sunshine will rejuvenate you girlie. Blogging has almost run its course for me too. I was just telling hole that I don't think I'm that interesting anymore. Not to mention the time factor. How people blog, facebook, tweet, work, and have a life is beyond me. I have trouble with just blogging, work and life part. 50 days until happy hour!!!! Xo. Chin up sugar.

Cheryl said...

thanks guys. I do need some sunshine.