Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's in YOUR Costco cart?

Mine is odd. Makeup, lamb chops, stamps, the best chocolate cake EVER, salad ready pak (I needed at least ONE healthy thing), parmesan and fajita meat. I know you must be thrilled beyond belief to know this. Try to hold your enthusiasm back, OK?


Ann(ie) said...

Grab that cake and come over to my place stat.


Kim said...

I hit Costco AND Sam's yesterday....tally = pool float, pajama bottoms shorties (2pack), case of Corona, 6 bottles of wine, beach towel, LED floodlight bulbs, garlic, crackers, salami, prosciutto, blackberries, strawberries, three cases of water, pair of tan capris, doggie treats, Wii game, cookies, dual pack of pool floatie thingys, Listerine, Irish Spring, Pantene, Advil, antacids,vitamins, razors.
I think I did enough damage to my bank account for a few months.
Things just JUMP into my basket at those places !!!

Cheryl said...

Kim - based on your shopping...ADOPT ME! :)