Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sometimes waking up is a waste of time. I swear. I was going out to my car this morning and what do I find? The neighborhood teenagers have kicked my fence over AGAIN, but this time they destroyed the cemented post, so now it cannot be fixed. This makes my blood BOIL. I didn't do that kind of shit when I was young - toilet paper a house maybe, but not destroy property. If you see something on the news about a psychopathic woman running around in a leatherface mask shooting teenagers with a BB gun - you'll know it's me. I plead insanity.


stick shaker said...

due if you start killing people this blog will incriminate you for pre meditated murder! ;-) hehe

long time no talk...i haven't been reading blogs or blogging myself, but wanted to check in! how are you and jim doing?

Cheryl said...

yeah, cuz BB guns kill ya dead. ;-)

We're good - for the most part.

How are YOU? Long time no talk!