Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My little life lessons/wisdom. These aren't really that unique, but what the hell.

1. Expect the unexpected. The weirdest shit happens to me right out of the blue. SERIOUSLY.

2. The littlest thing can impact your life forever in a big way. And you won't necessarily know it until much later.

3. Cool earrings make all the difference in the world. I went a long time without wearing any earrings at all, then I started to again - and they change your whole appearance.

4. Someone will always find out.

5. My hairstylist told me that she took a poll and most women think straight hair on women is more attractive and most men think curly hair is more attractive on women. I have naturally curly hair, and with this knowledge I still straighten my hair most days. Go figure.

6. Candles DO change your mood.

7. Hearing someone call someone else a 'stupid motherfucker' is funny. It just IS.

8. Writing in a blog can cause all KINDS of trouble.

9. If you really look, you can see that something good always comes out of something bad. I challenge you to look back on your own life and find this.

10. It is true that if you really love someone, their happiness becomes more important than your own.

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