Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My glasses have fallen off of the top of my head at least 40 times this morning. I need to keep them on my face, but I am constantly putting them up to hold my hair away from my face, and if I slightly lean forward or backward, they go flying. Good thing there is carpeting here. ARG.

Funny boss story. My boss keeps putting these boxes full of parts on top of my filing cabinets, and to mess with him, I give him a hard time about them being in my way constantly. A day or so ago, I put my hands on my hips and said "these boxes are still here...have we not talked about this?" in a sarcastic tone. All of a sudden, as he was standing next to them, he reached out his arm very dramatically and did a complete SWOOP and sent the box flying; parts going everywhere. He calmly smiled and said "Better?". It startled the shit outta me and TOTALLY took me aback and I started laughing until I was crying. Then he started laughing as well as the temp. It was just classic. Too funny.

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