Sunday, February 15, 2009

Before we begin, I have to define a Cherylism. "Creep factor" - Creep factor is what makes a horror movie good. It means disturbing, brutal, disgusting or really unnerving. It is when you can leave the theatre and say "that was fucking awesome".

OK, so now, how was Friday the 13th? Well, it wasn't bad, but it was lacking the creep factor. Even though nothing scares me, I need to feel something. It was entertaining, but I wasn't disturbed.

I finally got around to watching the Saw movies - which no one can believe it took me this long. I watched the first one and wasn't all that impressed except that it had a good twist. Much later I watched the second one and liked it, but it didn't have a rich enough creep factor for me, so I stopped watching them. Just last weekend I watched Saw III. Awesome! GREAT creep factor! SO brutal! Loved it. You definitely have to watch the unrated version though. Saw IV was pretty good too and now I'm gonna watch five this weekend.

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