Monday, January 12, 2009

Well the evening was successful - I received $85 for all my junk! That was way more than I was expecting! Yay! Grabbed dinner at the Mongolian Grill (Yum!) and went promptly home to watch 24. Maggie enjoyed the show as well, from the back of the couch. Isn't she cute? My fortune cookie wasn't about the love this time, but apparently I will be traveling to a faraway place that has been in my thoughts! Bahamas here I come! Woo! LOL


Anonymous said...

so where does a person sell stuff like that/ gamestop? pawn shop? do tell! ~nichole

Cheryl said...

I sold at "Half Price Books". It is a used book store - don't know if they are a chain in Oregon or not. Pawn shops work too, but give you a lot less $$ usually.