Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Friends

I've made lots of new friends online lately, and I wanted to mention one in particular. I believe I have a kindred spirit over at "The Truth Hurts". Jeffery is an excellent poet and writes from the heart. Something I can appreciate! He apparently ran across my blog accidentally and decided to join my "follow my blog" list. I just noticed it and started reading his blog today, but I'm intrigued already and know I will enjoy his style. Go check him out!

There has been such a flurry of activity on my Crackberry lately - holy MOLY. I am getting about 100 emails a day that I have to return and it feels like a full time job! That PLUS text messages, blogging, keeping up with my daily reads and trying to work! I am busy, that's for sure! It is my hobby, though, so I enjoy it. At least it keeps me from staring into space or drooling into a cup ~ which is what I'd probably be doing right about now.

Anyway, I am tired from the week of insomnia and sickness, so I'm going to turn in early. Until the wee hours my beloved readers....

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