Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'm laying in the dark - just the light of the Crackberry, thinking about things I'm supposed to forget about. Sometimes I wish I could shut my brain off and go to sleep. No such luck. What about you? Are you plagued with thoughts you wish you could stop? Things that could drive you crazy if you let them? Yeah, it's probably just me.

Well, I'm a little preoccupied apparently and I'm not making sense anymore so goodnight.


BOA said...

Yes I am plagued with thoughts I wish would fricking stop. UG I took 3 sleeping pills the other night and STILL laid awake all night. It sucks.

Cheryl said...

It really is maddening. I just want to slap myself out of it. Sleeping pills don't do anything - unless you take, like, 40 of them. Which doesn't sound so bad sometimes. But I won't.