Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow over a solid sheet of ice. Glad I'm not out of milk. Oh how I wish I had a fireplace. What kind of idiot builds a house in the Mts. without a fireplace? And what kind of idiot BUYS one?? Hrmph. It's very pretty, the snow, but I'm not enjoying it like I should be I guess. If things were a little different for me, I probably would be. It IS Christmassy. But I'm a tad Bah-Humbug this year. Pity.


Broke and Angry said...

nice. I miss snow. It is 48 here today. Last week was in the 70's. Neato. Snow level is like 1500 feet tonight so may get some snow on saddleback mt. I welcome the change.

Cheryl said...

wow, that is pretty cold for So. Cal!