Saturday, December 06, 2008

OK, my friend Jenny made me go out. She took me to a fancy banquet dinner and then we went to her house and she taught me how to make double chocolate dream pie. MMM. We had fun. I'm pooped. I'm doing my best to snap out of it. The pictures are as follows: grumpy Crazydogmama curling her hair for the night out, Jenny my best friend, my dinner, and the ooey gooey pie we made. Once it sets, you put sliced strawberries on it.


stick shaker said...

sounds like you had a nice night girlie. :-)

Ann(ie) said...


I'm gonna need to accompany you next time to Jenny's if it involes pie.

*your oldest friend who loves pie*

Cheryl said...

oh what girlie fun we would have!