Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just for fun...

I was told to use each letter of the Alphabet and relate it to myself somehow with a word or phrase. Alrighty. Whatever.

A - Anal Retentive. I am a perfectionist, especially with paperwork and projects. It takes me a millenium to paint a room because every single little spot has to be right.

B - Blackberry. It is an appendage.

C - For Cheryl AND Crazydogmama!

D - Dogs. Love 'em.

E - email. Can't live without it.

F - Fun. Love to have it.

G - Google. Use it every day.

H - Horror movies. Awesome!

I - Intense. I am very intense.

J - Jittery. I drink a lot of coffee.

K - Kabobs. Love to make them, love to eat them.

L - Longing. I'm doing that.

M - Mochas. Drink them almost every day.

N - Neurotic. Who me?

O - Orion. I like constellations and looking at the stars.

P - Photography. I love it. I want to get better at it.

Q - Quirky. That would be me.

R - Raising Hell. I'm good at it.

S - Sultry. Someone told me I was "sultry" once. I went with it.

T - Tulips. So pretty.

U - Ulcer. I think I have one.

V - Voracious. My appetite for many things.

W - Writing. I do a lot of it.

X - X-Men. I used to draw the comic book characters from this comic when I was young.

Y - Yearning. I do this too.

Z - ZZZZZ. I either can't sleep, or sleep too much.

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