Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I look like Holy hell today. I don't even want to post a picture. Bad hair day, bad face day, bad everything day. Don't look at me today. K? K. I spent my usual time getting ready, but it was futile. The planets must not be aligned correctly - either that or I'm just ugly and finally realized it. Hehe. It could be my attire: Black slacks, a purple lace top and hiking boots. No, its the hair. and my breakout. Enough to put a girl in a pissy mood. ;-) This is the day when I will run into somebody from Highschool, or a cute guy, or some old boyfriend and I look like I have been camping. LOL It's Murphy's Law. To remedy this, I'm going to go get my nails done and go tanning. Maybe I'll make a hair appointment. Something. Normally I wouldn't give a rat's ass, but I've really been trying to improve myself; take care of myself. I have all these new clothes, makeup, etc. and DAMN IT, it's a lot of work! It is like working on a car for 6 months and it won't start. Frustrating.

There is NOTHING going on. Nothing. I have no exciting news, nothing fun to talk about, and nothing stupid has happened to me today. Yet. I'll work on it.

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