Sunday, December 28, 2008

I just woke up from a bizzare dream. In the dream, I woke up in a big bed - no one was in it but me, but it wasn't my bed. I got up and started looking around. I was in a big house with lots of windows. It was very neat and clean, but sparsely decorated. In the bathroom, a bunch of brand new bath stuff was laid out for me. So I took a bath. Afterward, I went downstairs. Still no one. There was hardly any food in the kitchen, but there was some fresh fruit laying out for me. I saw a note on the kitchen table that said "I'll meet you on the back patio in one hour.". It was sunny and warm outside. (Oh that sounds nice right now!). I didn't know when the note was written, so I went out on the patio. I heard someone come in the front door, whistling. That's all I can remember.

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