Sunday, December 07, 2008

I am basically done with all my Christmas shopping. It is December 7th. Is that not awesome?? It's a little sad in a way, but now I can relax. I'm usually the one scrambling at the last minute. All I have left to do is some stocking stuffers and then wrapping. Wrapping sucks. I hate wrapping. Wrapping hates me, too. I'm very impatient when I know it's just going to be ripped open - kind of like making a bed. What's the point? Bags. Decorative bags are the way to go.

OK I got off on a rant, sorry about that.


stick shaker said...

i haven't even started christmas shopping, i was gonna go today but didn't feel like it at all...which means next weekend is my only weekend. ug. cause i am busy the following weekend after that. should be a real neat time, i'll probably be all stressed out. if i get on a roll, i will enjoy it...if i meander around clueless, i will hate it. we'll see. i'll keep you posted on my shopping

Ann(ie) said...

I'm a gift bag girl, too. Wrapping is time consuming and I curse too much when I do it.

Ann(ie) said...

Oh and Hole please keep all of us posted on your shopping adventures. I'm gonna need a text every 6.52 minutes. thanky.