Friday, December 12, 2008

Facebook, New Profiles and Random Stuff...

I am now on Facebook. Here is the address, but I think you have to join and be my friend to view it:

I have decided that MySpace sucks and always has. I hadn't updated it in EONS and it really is for the youth. Facebook is silly too, but it has more of an adult feel to it. more MySpace for me. I can't seem to delete it because it tries to confirm the delete on my old email (which I can't get to) - and it won't let me change to my new email. DUMB. So I just put it as private so weirdos will stop emailing me. And I mean WEIRDOS.

Also, I have updated my blog profile PHOTO. I KNOW! It has been a long time coming...I tend not to get around to that stuff quickly.

The winter storm warning has been reduced to a watch now. THEY LIE. I'm still going home early. I have bunches of nothing to do.

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