Thursday, November 20, 2008

I know these are virtually the same pics I always take, but sue me, I'm having fun in the sun and the pool. ;-). It is just so pretty and serene in the back yard. I was also letting the sun soak in on my face this morning on the balcony pictured. Great way to wake up. I did my stargazing from there again last night, too. It was clear, which is amazing considering the smog and the fires. I even wished upon a star! LOL. Doubt if it will come true. Hey, that reminds me, I got the coolest fortune in a fortune cookie EVER not too long ago. It said "In the midst of chaos, you will find love waiting for you.". Isn't that sweet? I never get cool fortunes like THAT, they are always stupid. Not that I believe in that silly crap...hehe.

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