Friday, November 28, 2008

I have been one lazy Crazydogmama today. Me and the puppies have been curled up on the couch watching movies. I watched "Hancock" with Wil Smith. It got bad reviews, but I liked it. I'm a Wil Smith fan. Men in Black rules! LOL I just saw the preview to "Seven Pounds" and it looks REALLY good. I will be going to the theatre to see that one. It looks like a tear jerker, so I won't be wearing any mascara or eyeliner to the movie. I cry at fricking everything lately, I swear. Don't know what that is about. What a sappy wuss I've turned out to be. :)

I got a new bed set (badly needed!) as an early Christmas gift. It's RED! (I know, big surprise.) When my mom and I were out shopping I decided to get it and she helped. It is bea-u-tif-ul! and comfy too! I'll take a pic of it once I clean up my bedroom. Good God it is a mess! With all the traveling and job craziness, I have slacked off on cleaning. Which drives me nuts, but one thing at a time. I want to paint in there too, and I got some new bathroom fixtures because my house is falling apart. Whether I stay or go, these are good improvements.

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