Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I got this lotion free when I bought a "high pressure tan". It smells succulent! We wouldn't want our skin to get dried out now would we??? Noooo. We want to stay soft, supple and kissable. It is called "Body Kisses" by Australian Gold tanning products, for "after" moisturizing. I'm putting this on my "A List".

I got called in for a second interview from the weird place. You know I'll get that job, right? One must not be too picky or cocky, though, in this recession. It is tomorrow - so let's see what they say. I'm interviewing with a completely different person so it could be a new perspective.


stick shaker said...

tanning products are fun. :) congrats on your new purchase. i love reviewing my purchases after shopping. and good luck with your second interview. :-) xo

Cheryl said...

Thanks hon-ay! Yes, purchases are fun - and just what I should be doing with my 7 more days of employment! LOL