Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Two quick things. Y'all need to keep fingers and toes crossed today. I talked to a computer guy on the phone and he said either my adapter is toast or my laptop is toast. The adapter is only $100 and I'd have to sell a kidney right now to get a new computer. I guess I could wait until I got my bonus at Christmas, but that is a LONG time to be without a computer!!! You all know how I love my digital pics and Adobe Photoshop. I also have the patience of a starving bear.

The other thing is, I am really busy at work right now getting ready for an audit in November, but I'd really like to take a short trip to Cali with my mom for some girl time in mid- October. PRAY I can haul some serious ass and get stuff done so I can go!!! I would love that soooo much!!

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