Friday, October 03, 2008


I got permission to take a few days off to go to California. Yay! I don't really want my mom to drive down alone this time of year, and she has to go down for some estate matters, so we're making the roadtrip together in her little truck. It will be a little cramped, but we'll get some good girl-time in. We're leaving next Friday, then I have to fly back on Wednesday. It's not a long trip, but we always drive straight through - which will at least give me 4 days of sunbathing and swimming! I guess I'll be a tan vampire this year. LOL It was very warm there in the last week - in the 90's. It is pouring down rain here. This will give me a nice little diversion from my routine.

Also, I have to mention that I am having MAJOR hot flashes today. What is up with THAT?

I'll post more later...I gots to go....

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Ann(ie) said...

woooooo!!! You lucky girl. A few days in the sunshine sounds FABULOUS!!!! You and you Ma will have a blast!