Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I lost my job. I'm contracted thru the middle of Nov., though, to finish up some projects - and received an INSANELY awesome severence package because the company is awesome and they are devastated over having to do the layoffs.

I'm in good spirits, however, because some pretty great opportunities have presented themselves to me. I won't be able to talk about those right away of course, though.

Going home for the day to regroup.


Lea said...

This is your chance, you know...to go after that new life/fresh start you were talking about a while back. Things do have a way of working out, sometimes.

Kim said...

New life starting, clean slate... I hope it's everything you wish it to be. Severance package is awesome by the way, very cool of the company to do.

Cheryl said...

Yes, the company has been very, very good to me - I have no complaints, this isn't their fault. My life does seem new - and it is kind of exciting, but it is hard to know which direction to go. I do believe this happened for reason.

Thanks you guys. :-)