Sunday, September 14, 2008

So I thought of something to say...

I guess you could say this is the "same 'ol stuff", but with new info and a twist. Back to Texas talk. California is pretty much out of the picture completely. I don't want to get into the why's, but it is. I am really thinking more and more that I want to try San Antonio. Everything I read about it flips my lid. I know, I know, every single person I tell this to looks at me like I am one sandwich short of a picnic, but seriously? Texas actually fits my personality perfectly. Many people don't know me as well as they think they do. I am a red-meat-eating, sun-basking, thunderstorm-loving, conservative, bible-belt sort of girl who (sorry Nichole) doesn't always recycle properly. (You all know I think we are gonna die in a nuclear war anyway, which won't be doing the environment any good...LOL) Flooding? The town I live in floods every single year because the river overflows. BAD. And not only that, the snow makes for 9-hour (no joke) commutes in the winter. Snow was fun when I was a kid, but it sucks when you have to drive in it. Bugs? Orkin man. Air conditioning bill? I pay $500 bucks a month NOW in the winter for heat- and almost that much in the summer because I'm constantly watering the million miles of grass I have. (don't tell my mom) Hi mom! But you see, there is one thing Texas, my house would be nicer and cheaper (and WILL have a pool) and I could probably make the same amount of money working. So, to me, that is a big difference. I have at 1042 sq. ft house right now, with no fireplace, no pool, made like crap - and my mortgage is almost 2K a month. The housing is WAY out of control money-wise. It is ridiculous. and I had to move an hour away from EVERYTHING just to afford that..

I've been looking on the internet, and with the equity I would pull away + my stock payout when my job ends - I'd be looking at about a 5-600 dollar mortgage. BIG difference, no?

Here is a perfect example of a house I would LOVE. (the one with 11 photos for 198,900)

Looks like paradise to me...

I've also been looking up the 'culture' in San Antonio and it seems really neat. Fun, friendly people, big festivals (Niosa), etc. In Seattle, if you smile at someone, they glare at you. Generally people think I'm out of my mind when I strike up conversations with strangers here. You know, the funny thing is, everyone thinks I just came up with Texas out of the blue in the last few months, but the truth is, I've been thinking about it now for around three or four years - ever since I had a dream that I moved there. I just didn't tell anyone.

Anyway, I'm in limbo right now, and I'm making lots of personal changes, but the long and short of it is that no matter how much changing I do here, I'm still in a rut. I've lived here all of my life (except 6 years in Cali) and it is time to go. I need to leave some things/memories behind here and start a new life. I wish it would start sooner, but the timing of all things will work out just the way they are supposed to. So, until then, I'll just continue to "clean things up" here and improve myself the best I can until my real adventure starts.

And yes, I know about Hurricane Ike. My heart and prayers go out to all affected.

Goodnight all.

Crazydogmama out.

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