Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Possible Coffee House Names...

If I live in Texas: "Crazydogmama's Coffee Corral"

If I live in California: "Crazydogmama's Bean and Beach" or "Crazydogmama's Candlelight Coffee Cozy"

Brainstorming here. I wanted to get in on one of the "Coffee Bean" franchises that I liked so much in California, but they don't sell individual franchises. Fuckers. You have to buy a minimum of 9. Well, I'll just have to pay off the Lamborghini first. HA

If I stay in WA, I'll have to just write because coffee houses are every 3 feet. Seriously. There is no point. It is getting close to that scenario in California, but the baristas there still don't understand the art of coffee making like us Seattlites do - so I think I could capitalize.

I have a secret chocolate recipe that I could use for mochas, you see, and people will go nuts for it! I know it!

What would I write? Don't know. How to go insane in 9 months? Hehe...


Anonymous said...

you probably don't want to hear it but the coffee culture in TX? Pretty darned nill. At least in Houston. What is there is Starbucks. The end. ~Nichole

Anonymous said...

Actually, from a business standpoint, that is excellent news! No competition! Surely you would make better coffee than Starbucks. How are your marketing skills?