Monday, September 22, 2008


Busy, stupid, hair-pulling Monday. Every two minutes someone was bellowing "Are you done with _____ yet?" into my cube. Which I love. But now it's over. Thank God.

And to end my day? A doctor's appointment. YAY. I am asking for drugs. All they can say is no. and they probably will. but I'm gonna try. Like my sentences today?

My mom surprised me and came to take me to lunch. It was very sweet, and an escape for awhile was much needed. Thanks Ma! I had a chicken sand. and an iced mocha.

I can't even blog correctly.


Ann(ie) said...

Chicken Sands rock.

and um, where perchance are hole and BOA lately? Have they joined the bloggy witness protection program?

Ann(ie) said...

oh and Monday's suck butt.

Cheryl said...

yeah, where the hell ARE boa and hole???? I miss them and with you working crazy now I get almost zero comments. Poo. I am a big loser.