Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Now for a not-so-girly post...

I made a breakthrough in therapy today. Finally. This should have been a big "DUH", but it wasn't. I've been making all these changes lately, right? Making some tough decisions, preparing to move away from everything and everyone I know, taking better care of myself, etc. Those are great, but I've still been feeling depressed and stuck and...here's the epiphany...BORED. I'm bored! My therapist listened to me today and all of a sudden started flipping through her notes and looked up and said "You need some stimulation!" I said "Excuse me?" LOL She said you are a 100% adrenaline junkie who has been sitting at home, only occasionally getting out. She said someone like me will never be happy unless I'm stimulating my "adrenaline" somehow. She said I also need to get out and meet people - isolating is a big danger for me.

We talked about some things I might be able to do right away, and we came up with one possibility. Boxing Club. That's right. Boxing. I used to belong about 8 years ago, but had to quit because I was working about 80 hours a week at two jobs. Now I'm not. Boxing is a hoot! It is the BEST workout you will EVER get, and the people there were soooo nice. One of the guys there told me I have a great right hook. ;-)

I hope I can do it. It will take some of the doldrums out and get my blood pumping again. I'll definitely sleep better. GUAR-AN-TEED. Have you ever tried boxing a round? I run out of oxygen in about 45 seconds with sweat POURING off of me. (I know, feminine, but boxing makes you look great naked.)

So, let's recap. I'm bored. The solution? Hit people and get kicked in the head. Awesome.

If I do it, you will be seeing some pretty entertaining pictures. I'm probably going to have to eat less cheese, though.

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