Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm having a cooking block. Nothing sounds good anymore. I'm reducing myself to mac and cheese tonight. Possibly a hot dog. Yes, I am 5 years old, where's the apple juice?

I'm thinking of following it up with some of my cognac, though. That will help with the writing. HA.

Did anyone catch "Fringe" last night? It was pretty good - done by the same guy who does "Lost", my favorite. My story will have some supernatural in it. Of course. I'm all about freaky shit. ;-)

BTW, what's up with the lack of comments people?? Not that I ever really got many, but I'm all lonely over here. Throw me a bone, will ya? I've been a blogging fool lately, but I think I'm talking to myself.

Nichole - you have been very good lately, that was not for you sweety. I'm surprised you are not saying something about hurricane Ike hitting Texas soon, though, since you were trying so hard to get me to move there. ;-). In all seriousness, though, I hope it takes a turn. The weather is just out of control anymore.

Gonna go eat and write. My new hobby to keep me busy.


Ann(ie) said...

I would exist on mac and cheese and hot dogs if Mateo didn't cook. Thank GOD Mateo cooks. 8) OH and I've just been buried at work so my blogging fun has been seriously lacking. I'm excited for tini's!!!

Anonymous said...

hey did you ever try that "easy lasagna" recipe I gave you? I get in food ruts too. every week without fail we have

1: chicken fajita burritos
2. chicken ceasar salad
3. black bean turkey chili

and then varioius and sundry other nights we snack on our own terms. I'm famous for eating chips and salsa for dinner. I know. BAD. ~Nichole

Cheryl said...

Nichole - Yes!! I LOVE your lasagna recipe, in fact I'm putting the ingredients on my grocery list now! Good idea. I love your caesars too..I'll take a pic and post it when I make it. Don't know why I didn't do that before. Hey I have a question - you know those black ottomix flip flops you have and love? I can't seem to find a pair anywhere; I guess they stopped making them - at least in my size. Know anyplace that might have a 7 and a 1/2???

Annie - how IS the new job going?? Sounds like its good if you're busy! I can't WAIT for tini night - I feel like a hermit lately.

Anonymous said...

oh my sad otomix flips..they bit the dust not long after I posted that blog about them. caught my foot on a curb and pulled the strap that goes between the toes. didn't detach....but was so darned loose couldn't keep my flip on. plus they are SO tall they make me amazonian. mr. yogagirl hated me wearing them :( sigh..

as far as I know otomix still makes them. you might have to call them. their website is pretty hard to navigate to find them but they do show up in the catalog EVERY issue. ~nichole