Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm feeling much better now, but I slept most of the day, so now I'm wide awake. GRR.

The doctor said my recent headaches were most likely either hormonal imbalance or barometric pressure changes from our sporadic weather. I guess some other people in the area have been experiencing the same problems. She is not worried about my kidneys either because I recently had a CT scan and an ultrasound that showed no abnormalities, and if it was a kidney infection, Alleve would not have helped the pain much. The pain I did have was probably "cramps" disguised as kidney pain. So, whew!

My mom (bless her heart) drove all the way up here and brought me dinner and kept me company for the evening. I kept her up so late that I made her spend the night. Hehe.

All is well and I'll be back to the salt mines tomorrow.

Nighty night. I hope.

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