Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chapter One..continuation #2

Sarah touched the necklace softly as tears began to stream down her face. She hated to cry, but there was no way she was going to stop this. She had been holding it back for too long.

She shut her eyes. Six months ago she had taken a short business trip to Belize, and even though the beauty of the place was incomprehensible, she had been bored and depressed as her new co-workers flitted off to tours, fancy restaurants and dancing, leaving her to herself. She tried to shop, tried to relax in the sun and take in the sights, but she was still alone. As an editor, she was used to time alone, but it was painful when in such a beautiful place.

Giving in to solitude, she had found a small cafe to relax in and grab a drink. That is when she met him.

She had noticed a man sitting in the corner, but didn't make eye contact, as she was shy. She felt him looking at her. Staring. She remembers giggling a little when he accidentally spilled his drink as she got up and walked to the ladies room.

When she got back, much to her shock, he was standing next to her table. "Do I know you?" she asked, however she did actually feel like she knew him from somewhere. "No, I'm sorry to bother you, but I had to talk to you." he said, sheepishly. His cheeks started to turn a little red, but he never took his eyes off of her. He had the most penetrating eyes. "I actually have no idea what to say." He smiled and admitted that he he had been staring and that something made him get up. He could not let her walk away without talking to her. Sarah didn't know what to say either, but she couldn't explain what she felt when he spoke. She was flattered by his gesture, but something was different. He felt it too, she could tell. It was like no one else was in the world except them at that moment.

The next two days were a blur of indescribable emotions for Sarah. She spent every minute she could with the man from the cafe. They talked, they ate, they drank. When he kissed her, it did more than make her weak in the knees.

The last day before Sarah was to leave for home, and as they were walking along the Belizean coast, he turned to her. "Marry me, Sarah. Please...please marry me."

He had already told her he loved her, and she had said it back like they had been a couple for 10 years. Sarah didn't even have to think about it. It never occurred to her that this was absurd and crazy. She didn't ever want to be without him. She couldn't be without him! Never in her 38 years had she ever felt so comfortable, so in love, so herself. She smiled and said "Of course!" He smiled back, a huge grin on his face - such a sincere and honest sigh came out of him as he lifted her up, swung her around and kissed her with so much passion she almost didn't believe it was happening. She finally understood all those silly terms. 'Love at first sight', 'soulmates', and the like. The connection they shared was unreal. Not only did she feel like she had known him all of her life, but they also shared an intense, burning passion for one another - way beyond what she thought existed. Although her carnal thoughts were going all over place, it did not seem like lust or obsession, but almost like a force.

They looked for a jewelry shop, but of course beach towns in Belize are not exactly known for their wedding ring stores. They found a small shop after a few hours with the most colorful and exotic pieces they had ever seen. He picked up the blue topaz necklace and held it up to her face. He lightly brushed her hair back with his fingers and said "Perfect." "It matches your eyes and the color of the sea outside." He bought it and he put it around her neck as a substitute for a ring. For now. Sarah had so much emotion running through her she thought she was going to explode.

That night they made love. Every touch was deliberate, every feeling was new, and every emotion was tender. She was dizzy with happiness and contentment; foreign feelings for her until now.

Sarah opened her eyes and wiped the tears from her cheeks. She put her hands over her face and rocked back and forth. "Oh my God, Michael. I'm so sorry. I'm so, so, sorry. I love you so much."

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