Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chapter One...continuation # 1

As hot as it was, Sarah couldn't think of anything better than a nice hot, long shower. It had been a few days since she was able to wash, and when she got to the hotel at 2 am, all she had the strength to do was take off her jeans, throw her duffle bag on the cheap yellow velvet chair by the window and fall onto the bed.

She walked over to her bag and dug out her toiletries. A small grey box fell out and tumbled under the bed. She reluctantly got on her hands and knees on the disgusting rug to retrieve it. As she reached for it, a loud knock on the door made her suddenly recoil her arm and scrape it against the bed's metal frame. "Housekeeping!" Sarah winced as blood dripped from her forearm. "Can you come back later?" she managed to say. She heard the woman mutter something in Spanish and roll her cart away. Looking for something to wrap her arm with, she reached for the small box with her other.

Sitting on the floor with Kleenex stuck on her arm, she opened the box. It had been at least two weeks since she had gazed at the most important possession that she had left - a small blue topaz on a delicate gold chain. The last thing he gave her before everything happened.

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