Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chapter 1 - finish

Exhausted from sobbing, Sarah slowly got up and prepared for her shower. She tossed her camisole, bra and panties into the sink for washing, and turned the shower knobs on full blast and hot, until the room was steamy.

She let the hot water run over her face and down her body without moving – just standing with her head tilted up towards the shower nozzle. Her face was swollen, her muscles ached and her arm bled. She just stood, still, for what seemed an eternity. Concerned the hot water may run out, she grabbed the paper-wrapped hotel soap and ripped it open. Oh, how she missed her fragrant, girly soap from home. She hoped maybe someone would get to use it. The hotel soap had a wooden, bland smell, and the shampoo was even worse. She was grateful just to be able to get cleaned up, though, and was enjoying the relaxation. She had no idea how long she had before her next task was presented. The hotel was her rest stop for the moment and she was now in wait.

As she washed her face, she suddenly started to feel a little faint. Her mind raced and she knew what was happening. She held on to the sides of the shower and slowly lowered herself to the basin floor. She huddled in the corner with her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around herself, and burying her head so as to shield her face from the hot shower water raining down on her. She started to shake violently and was jolted back and forth, side to side, hitting the shower walls. She heard the familiar whispers “Test the spirits, test the spirits..” She knew what to do, and did it promptly. The jolting stopped, but she still shook. Sarah could no longer hear any sounds – not the shower water, not even her own heartbeat. Nothing. The kind of silence that if it were to continue, may drive a person mad. She could still feel the hot water beating against the top of her head and knees.

She waited. Sarah said a small prayer asking for strength, understanding and protection. Just as she finished her prayer, she could see colors everywhere, even though her eyes were tightly closed. Now she could not feel the water hitting her, yet she was warm. The colors moved and started to form a picture. She saw the hotel she was in – then it faded and formed a new picture. This picture was of a coffee shop with a pink “HELP” sign floating against the window. She didn’t understand what that meant. Help who? Help how? Where is the coffee shop? Please…I need more information!, she thought to herself. The vision ended like a lightning strike, startling Sarah. She felt the water return and all the sounds of the room. She lifted her head and hoisted herself up. As she reached to turn to the nozzles off, she noticed the cut on her arm was gone. Vanished as if it were never there.
____________________end chapter 1.

Well, I guess that is it for awhile with that. I don't want to give away the farm, and you all don't seem that interested anyway.

I did my bills and budgeting this morning, so now I'm depressed. I hate knowing how much money I DON'T have for the next few weeks. Ug. I have pictures of some of the clothes I want to buy, but it will have to wait. Suck butt.

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