Sunday, August 03, 2008

We'll be there in an hour or so. We're dead. Need sleep.

Pics include some lake in the Grapevine and Magic Mt. which I loved as a teen, but have been informed by Juice and Hole that the late 30's and crazy rollercoasters don't do as well as expected. Noted. :)


Ann(ie) said...

Tis True. Magic Mountain is a tad scary as you age. Stick to it's a small world, bee.

wooooo....can't wait to see the pic of you at the pool holding a margarita!!


Ann(ie) said...

um, and that would be MID-30's thankyouverymuch!!!! 8)

stick shaker said...

um, speak for yourself juice, its early 30's for me...step the fuck off! ;-)

Ann(ie) said...

shutty my friend the fetus.