Friday, August 29, 2008

The pictures tell the tale of my errands and my life. Grab some popcorn. :-/

First we have pissed crazydogmama. Why is she pissed? Well, some things are best left unspoken, but the picture cracks me up. I look like I want to knife someone or something. LOL You gotta be able to laugh at yourself eventhough the pissedness (shut it) is serious.

Second is how close I got to park in front of Costco. That is unprecedented for me, and cured the pissedness (shut it) for about 45 seconds.

Third, I bought my first "book on cd" because I haven't had time to read, but I sure do drive a lot. This book "The Shack" came very highly recommended to me by several people.

There you have it. I actually am doing a late dinner tonight and I may take a pic of my scampi. Just so you know.

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stick shaker said...

sounds like fun...i love errands. :-) NOT