Monday, August 25, 2008

OK, I have completely freaked everyone out.

As I'm waiting to see the dentist, I will explain my behavior lately.

I'm sorry. What I meant by "I'm done" is not suicide or ceasing blogging. It just meant that my brain has checked out and I'm going numb or crazy or whatever. (Not that that's much better - haha) The bad news will not stop coming in and I'm clinically depressed, so I just vent on my blog. It the only outlet I have. I guess I better watch it, though, huh?

I have never dealt with so much at one time, and I have never been at such a crossroads in my life. If you were to walk a mile in my emotional shoes, you would understand.

Thank you dear readers for your concern and support. Your comments and emails mean a lot and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Just pray for me, that I can keep it together. I'm tryin'.


stick shaker said...

if i were to walk a mile in your shoes, not only would i have walked a mile, but you'd have no shoes, due...i'd rethink that statement....but on a serious note...hang in there....xo

Ann(ie) said...

I thought you meant you were done with Monday's. I myself told Monday to fuck off long ago.

oh and Hole I'll bet she had more shoes. Bee don't you have more shoes? Please clear up the confusion.

stick shaker said...

you are the only one confused here juice. its sad really. ;-)