Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For all that is Holy, I think I may have gotten amusement parks out of my system. At least for awhile. I have a gigantic goose-egg bruise on my knee from slamming into the iron seat railing on Tower of Terror, my shoe popped off getting onto Thunder Mt. allowing me to slam my toes and fly forward. Fucking OUCH. I have new blisters and I hobble now at best. Yes, I had fun, but I'm thinking my next trip will be spa week with the girls. I'm broken. Hehe.

I may lock myself in my bedroom away from everyone for the next two days. Crazydogmama needs to regroup.

I'm playing hell getting that video to post, but you have to see it because you will either die laughing or deem me the most retarded person on the planet. :) Just give me some time...need sleep now.


Ann(ie) said...

hehe. I felt THE SAME WAY after one day of roller coasters. Sucks when age rears it's ugly head. =/ feh. I think girly girl spa's and fruity cocktails while sitting by the pool are more my speed these days. 8)

Cheryl said...

Me too!!