Saturday, August 16, 2008

Finally feeling a little better - I found some codeine cough syrup in my medicine cabinet. Expired exscmired - I'm chuggin' it!

I took an ice cold shower, slathered myself in my new jasmine body lotion and then sat in the sun for a little while trying to enjoy the last of my days off. I've been listening to Glenn Miller (swing music) and Louie Armstrong for a nice mellow, calming atmosphere. (If I'm not acting 12, I'm acting 80 - hehe) Now I just need a dance partner!

I'm going to light my candles when it gets dark and just chill out. I need to order those chili pepper lights and tiki torches!

My tan is looking awesome! I'm so thrilled! I want to make everyone jealous at work. :-) I also have some Aveda "points" to cash in so I can get my hair foiled with a gift certificate. Nothing like being super blonde and tan! Hahahaha.

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