Monday, August 04, 2008

Even vacations for me have a dark side. (Bet you've never heard that before from someone on vacation). My poor grandpa who is in a demetia home here, fell yesterday and we got a call. My mom and I went down to the hospital at 8pm last night. He is OK, but it was very hard to see him.

On a lighter note, California speed limits are higher than Washington's, and I feel like Mario freakin' Andretti when I drive.

I did get to go pick up some of my favorite pizza last night (YUM) but Mr. Cuervo had to be put on hold. Such is life.


Ann(ie) said...

OH lordy that pizza looks heavenly. SO does the pool. But, I think I'd camp out at the bar and not look back.

SO GLAD your g~pa is okay, girlie.


When do you guys go to disneyland????

Cheryl said...

Biagio's pizza is awesome - this little italian family has owned it forever, and whatever they put in the sauce is highly addictive.

We're going to D-land Wed and Mon..WOOOOOO!