Tuesday, July 01, 2008

This was given to me today

Don't know why, but I thought I would share. You may think it is stupid, but I like it.

The challenge of your life is before you. You have learned well from your failures and from some difficult circumstances. Now you will march forward with integrity of heart and steel for a backbone. Fear will no longer be an issue. Only set your eyes straight ahead without turning to the left or to the right. Gather up all of your courage and lock it into your mind like your crown jewel. A waterfall of boldness will flow over you and this waterfall will continue to flow as long as you keep your strong faith. I will mix with this a strong anointing of Godly wisdom so that you will not only know but you will also understand things as never before. Now, arise and shine.


Big Pissy said...

That was awesome.....and came at a good time for me.

Thanks. :)

Crazydogmama said...

That's really cool, Pissy! I knew there was a reason I needed to share it.

shit staker said...

that is very inspirational, but i feel like death, so i cannot say anything positive