Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OK, I'm in shock! I have my new stuff and all but one thing fits!

The only thing that was TOO BIG (I love it when I'm smaller than I realized) were the shorts that came with the blue hoodie. No biggie! - and to tell you the truth, the swim dress fits, but I could have actually bought a smaller size. I'm having a heart attack over that! WOOOOO!

Anyway, if you had seen me setting up to take these pictures, you would have died laughing. I hope you appreciate the creativity here, people. LOL. I do realize that you were all on pins and needles waiting for me to update you on this...

Oh, and for all my male readers...sorry for all the girlishness. Can I post something for you guys? Porn? Something about cars? Lingerie?


Ann(ie) said...

I love new clothes. It makes vacation so much more fun with new stuff to bring!!! OH and I know this sounds weird, but you and your mom need to hit Goodwill in the OC. Hole and I found lots of really good finds there....those people discard gorgeous stuff and nice brands!!!!!

Crazydogmama said...

AWESOME IDEA! thanks!!!