Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Blues

I'm even listening to the blues. Ever heard of Candy Dulfer? ("Lily was Here" is really good.) No one my age has. I'm sure all my friends will be making fun of my eclectic taste in music at any moment, but nevertheless that's what I'm listening to this morning. A little jazz and some blues. I listen to music that goes with my mood. It could be AC/DC, it could be Country, it could be jazz or it could be the Blues. Whatever I'm feeling - I like everything. I'm also listening to "When the Lights go out" by the The Black Keys. It's sexy music to me. Go figure. When I put together my photography site, I think I will use the Black Keys song as the background music - most of my photography has a "dark" element to it, so it would fit.

Listen if you want:

Lily was here
When the Lights go out

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Ann(ie) said...

feh. Monday's can bite me. good choice of tunes, girlie.