Sunday, July 06, 2008

I got (a little bit) of lead out.

I kicked myself in the butt and decided to beautify my herb garden. It needed A LOT of help. I have been neglecting it. I am by no means a gardner - AT ALL. In fact, I am quite the black thumb. However, God as my witness, I'm trying to get better. I do love to cook with fresh herbs, and I inherited my dad's herbs, so I want to preserve them. I completely replanted my bowl in the stand with cilantro and dill, and also replanted/resoiled some parsely and chives. I just cut back and pruned the rest. I even scrubed all of the pots and cedar planters! I killed the little tree that I got when my dad died, but my mom gave me hers, and I have actually kept it alive! And it's GROWING! So anyway, it took me a few hours, and I destroyed my french manicure, but I got some great before and after shots. I'm proud of myself! I also took a picture of my new bamboo plant. Love it!

White trash herb mess.


A tad overgrown.

Look how pretty!

New parsely and chives. I cut off some of the rosemary to eat tomorrow on a steak rub! Yum!

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